To be the highest value provider of construction and the best solutions of real estate service and property deal.  We are proud to offer you what we feel are the finest and ideal homes in the country.


To be the most succesful  company in Alanya.Turkey. We maintain a full time team of well-trained professionals to give  top quality service  for their indivual clients.  Our company is creative ,innovative and people oriented organization; providing  opportunity,personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges.


Our Professional team Works by heart with their knowledge and experiencefor our customers to fulfill their demand and wishes.  We love to help our customers to have a happy and sweet   home rather than a house.  We are devoted our families,our colleques,our society and our country.


Alanya Homes offers full extensive real estate services including residential, commercial, investment opportunities, sales and re-sales of properties direct from owners or developers. Whether you are buying to invest or an end user, we will guide you through each step of the buying process with a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, always ready to cater the client needs and to keep their interests safe, secure and guide you to make the right decision.
Alanya property offers the local and international investor some of the Turkey’s best residential and commercial investment opportunities. Be it waterfront property or idyllic community living, Alanya property has put Alanya on the world map as a great destination for real estate.
Established in 2003, Alanya Homes is today one of the most reputed and professional real estate agency in Alanya. We provide modern real estate services with over 300 portfolio in our region Antalya-Alanya as well as Istanbul, Mersin and Cyprus. We are professionals having experience of dealing with Europeans and many customers from middle east countries, We
have a very dynamicstructure to handle all kinds of restoration, renovating and any style old/new constructions.
Within the company we are working as a cohesive, harmonious unit focused on exemplifying our mission. Just as customer satisfaction is an intricate part of Alanya Homes’s success, so is employee satisfaction. That is why the founders of Alanya Homes believe that employee satisfaction makes the company a success and is the key to our longevity. Our team is inspired by the company’s goals and is highly customer focused ensuring that all our clients are treated with respect
and professionalism.
So, whether you’re on the look out for your dream home or an ideal investment, Alanya Homes is your perfect partner to work with and find real estate in Alanya that is stunning and rewarding. So, for your one-stop solution finder for property in Alanya look no further than.
Alanya Homes.


Alanya Homes Team will be at your service in completing  all these necessary formalities and All these services  will be free of charge .

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