Foreigners who visit Turkey are always surprised with the hospitality of Turkish people and get integrated easily with the surrounding society.When this hospitality is blended with the marvelous and natural wonders of Turkey, it becomes really hard for them to leave the country at the end of their limited vacations. Compared to other countries in Europe, life cost is really cheaper in Turkey.
Especially in the last decade, Turkey has become an attractive investment site for foreigners.
Some people buy real estates for use only in summer period, some people buy villas to line in all year round and some people buy houses to live in the future during their retirement period.
And apart from the factors stated above, all these people have one common goal at the same time: to make a good investment for the future.
If you happen to make a good analyses, you’ll see how cost effective to acquire a real estate in Turkey is.
Besides, Turkey is on his way to the membership of the European Union and it is for sure that following its membership,the prices will go up dramatically.
Alanya, as a cute seaside city located in the south coast of Turkey has been an attraction point for foreigners in the last decade.
Besides being a holiday resort, it is also suitable for retired people to live all year long with its temperate climate,nice atmosphere and reasonable prices and Turkey is a member of the Emerging Seven (E7) countries alongside Brazil, Russia, India, China (the so-called BRIC countries), Indonesia and Mexico.
A’Booming’ country with cumulative GDP increase of 122% over the last 4 years totaling more than 400 billion USD.
A population of over 70 million, with an average age of 29 (65% below 34 years old).
A fast growing domestic market Turkey has the 4th largest labor force among the 27 EU countries with over 24.7 million people in 2006.
Centrally located between Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East An Important energy terminal and corridor in Europe which connects East and West In the EU Customs Union since 1996 and an EU accession country since October 2005.
Institutionalized economy fueled by 20.2 billion USD of FDI in 2006 and ranked the 13th most attractive country in the world. Liberal and reformist investment climate with highly competitive investment conditions Dynamic and mature private sector with over 85 billion USD worth of exports and an increase of 240% in the last 4 years.
In the past 5 years privatization worth $18.3 billion has been realized in Turkey.
Turkey has a large consumer base with a formidable purchasing power.
Turkey had 30 million credit card users in 2006 Over 25 million tourists visit turkey each year.
Turkey ranked eighth in the world with its tourism income and 9th in the world in terms of total tourist numbers….